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9.30 Registration
10.00 Session 1 - Terry Virgo
11.45 Break
12.15 Session 2 - Simon Brading
13.00 Lunch
14.15 Workshops part i
15.30 Break
16.00 Workshops part ii
17.15 Dinner
19.00 Session 4 - Alive With Strings & Newday Band
21.00 End




Leading with Strings

Simon Brading
Edwards Room (Middle floor)
2.15pm - 3.30pm

How to involve orchestral strings in worship, looking at different approaches and techniques to arrange strings and effectively harness the power of strings in worship. 


Arranging Strings

Stuart Kennedy
Edwards Room (Middle floor)
4pm - 5.15pm

With many years of experience arranging strings for christian worship, secular music as well as film music, Stuart Kennedy shares how to arrange strings and use them in worship. 



Culture of Songwriting

Anna Brading, Jotham Oakley
Carey Room (Ground Floor)
2.15pm - 3.30pm

How you develop a team of songwriters, creating a culture of songwriting, how to best collaborate with other writers and what if it doesn't work? Key principles from Newday songwriting team.


Crafting a Song - Live Collaboration

Anna Brading, Jotham Oakley, Jack Wintermeyer
Carey Room (Ground Floor)
4pm - 5.15pm

To demonstrate the principles and practices from the first workshop, the team are going to do a live song-write! Anna, Jack and Jotham have helped co-write many Newday songs including Call You Faithful, Alive With Worship, Good Things and Move Like This. Includes pop corn!



Ableton Masterclass (basics)

Lewis Morgan
Spurgeon Room (Ground Floor, up Back Stairs)
2.15pm - 3.30pm

Ableton Live is fasting becoming the industry standard software for launching tracks in a live environment. A quick masterclass to teach the very basics, ready to use software in your church. [Note: download Ableton Live free trial and join in the masterclass live on your own laptop!]


Leading Worship with Tracks

Simon Brading
Spurgeon Room (Ground Floor, up Back Stairs)
4pm - 5.15pm

How to lead worship with backing tracks, how to ensure they're serving you, not you serving them, how to grow in the prophetic and spontaneity whilst still using backing tracks. 



Arranging a Song & Dynamics

Nathan Fellingham
Main Hall (Top floor)
2.15pm - 3.30pm

One for the musicians. How to play together as a band, using parts, tone and dynamics effectively to help lead people in worship.


Big Sounds for Small Teams

Mike Sandeman
Main Hall (Top floor)
2.15pm - 3.30pm

What if you don't have a huge stadium set up every week, but only two or three instruments? How do you most effectively play together, build arrangements and grow in creativity, with a smaller set up?



Developing Youth Worship Teams

Pete James
Hudson Taylor Room (Middle floor, up back stairs)
4pm - 5.15pm

How to develop the next generation of musicians and worshippers. From practical steps for building youth bands, to apprenticing young worship leaders - giving space for gifting, whilst nurturing character and young hearts of worship.



Backing Vocals

Lou Fellingham, Sarah Benton
Whitefield Room (Middle floor)
2.15pm - 3.30pm 

How to shine as a backing vocals and enhance your backing vocal skills.
Tips and tricks for backing singers.


Prophetic Singing

Lou Fellingham, Sarah Benton
Whitefield Room (Middle floor)
4pm - 5.15pm

It seems God puts a particular emphases on singing in scripture. How do I grow in spiritual singing? How to take steps prophetic singing and unlock new doors in worship.

Meet The Team

Simon Brading

I’m married to the wonderful Anna and have 3 daughters, Ruby, Zoë and Everly. Together we lead the Newday Worship team as well as the Worship Team at Church of Christ the King, Brighton. Between us we've co-written a few songs including Move Like This, Alive With Worship, I Worship You and Good Things. I have a heart to see worshippers, worship leaders and musicians leading in freedom and faith in the local church. I also love food.




Anna Brading

Anna is married to Simon and based at Church of Christ the King, whey they lead the Worship Team together. She has written and co-written many songs for Newday, kids work and the Church, including Call You Faithful, Move Like This and Jericho. She has a heart to connect with the music scene and loves to write pop music. 







Lou Fellingham

Having served a lead singer of Phatfish for almost two decades - during which time she recorded eight albums, toured extensively throughout the UK, Canada and America and became an integral part of the worship team at the Stoneleigh Bible weeks - Lou Fellingham is now four albums in to a firmly-established career as a solo artist. Her distinctive voice and heart for people have made Lou a greatly loved worship leader, singer and recording artist.

Lou is married to Nathan and they have three kids, Jesse, Ella and Jude. They are based in Church of Christ the King Brighton, where they regularly lead worship.



Sarah Benton

Sarah is a professional session singer and vocal coach, with an extensive resume of experience with record selling artists. She also runs Step Up & Sing academy, training young people how to sing and grow as a performers. 

Sarah also has a huge heart to see people singing in freedom, security and joy. She has graced the Newday team with her awesome vocals for the past few years, leading Call You Faithful on the Newday Live 2014 album





Jack Wintermeyer

Jack has been playing electric guitar in the Newday Band for many years, bringing excellence, hooks and passion in all that he does. More recently, Jack has developed as a talented songwriter and producer, working with many people in the industry as well as producing Call You Faithful and Dance All Day with the Newday team. Jack and his brother Chris have just released a new self-titled project ‘Wintermeyer’.  As well as his insane talent, Jack has a wonderful heart for worship and seeing people released in worshiping freely.




Jotham Oakley

Joth is married to Charlotte and lives in Brighton. They are both legends. With a stunning ear for melody and an incredible talent for penning fresh, creative lyrics, Jotham has emerged as very talented songwriter in the Newday Team. Jotham leads worship regularly at CCK Brighton with a passion for creativity and heart to encounter God.








Lewis Morgan

Lewis has served as an integral part to the Newday band for a few years now, bringing passion, energy, creativity and encouragement in full measure. Lewis has an active role in our team of songwriters, whilst also helping steer the creative and sonic direction of our sound. With lots of experience drumming and touring with different bands, Lewis has a wealth of wisdom and experience to help serve.


Mike Sandeman

Serving as the keyboard player in Phatfish for many years, whilst also playing keys at Stoneleigh Bible Week and many other Christian events an conferences around the world, Mike has a huge talent for arranging music and developing bands. He is married to Susi and together they have two children, Jack and Anna. 


Pete James

Based on the south coast of England, Pete lives with his wife Nicola and two daughters, Olivia and Summer. They moved to the seaside town of Eastbourne in June 2014 after living in Sheffield for over 12 years. Pete and his family attend Kings Church in Eastbourne where he serves as Worship Pastor for their three sites. Alongside this role he dedicates his time to songwriting, coaching and leading worship across the UK and abroad. Events he has played at include New Wine, Spring Harvest, Creation Fest, Big Church Day Out and Mission Worship. His role in the local church, combined with periods of touring, has given Pete expertise in establishing a thriving worship culture within churches.



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We really hope you enjoy the day, that God speaks to you and this is a meaningful day in your worshipping life. 


Newday Worship Team