Jesus you are

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You are the voice that speaks light into darkness
You are the One who exchanges our hearts
You are the love where I thought I was loveless
You are, Jesus You are
You are the calm in the midst of the storm
You are the hope to a world without hope
You are the joy, You’re my comfort, my all
You are, Jesus You are

Jesus, name above every name
Jesus, You are the One who saves
Jesus, Son of God, Son of man
You are the One Jesus
You are the One

You are the Master, who showed how to serve
You are the Healer, yet suffered our worst
You are the ransom, whose blood paid for all
You are, Jesus You are
Now I’m forgiven, a gift of the cross
I am redeemed and my shame is all gone
All that I am and all that I have is Yours
You are Lord!

I’ll stand in awe of You, my heart poured out to You
All of my doubts, all of my fears
I lay them all down, Lord at Your feet
All of my heart, all of my hopes, I give to You


Neal Glanville, Charlene Jones
Copyright ©2018 Freedom Sounds (Admin. by Song Solutions CopyCare)


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