born to love you

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Here I am
All of me
All my wins, all my flaws
Lord I’m laying it all at Your feet
Here You are
All of You
All Your love, all Your grace
And You’re calling again ‘come to Me’

So I’ll step a little closer to the fire
And I’ll lean a little further into Love

Lord have my heart
Lord have it all
I was born to love You God
I was made for You
All that You are
Undoes my soul
So I’m holding nothing back
It’s all Yours
I’m here to love You Lord
I’m here to love You Lord

This is more than just the songs I sing
More than just the faith I bring
Lord this is me saying I want You
Lord this is me saying more of You

Anna Brading, Simon Brading
Copyright ©2018 Freedom Sounds (Admin. by Song Solutions CopyCare)


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